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More than just a girl with an unhealthy obsession with comics, Magic: the Gathering and board games, Chloe Reid is Legion City's Digital Media Manager and Editor-in-Chief. With an addiction to Netflix, coffee and all things geek, Chloe never sleeps and can often be found at Legion City doing "field research" by playing Magic with customers and colleagues. At rare times you might actually find her doing work. Do not disturb her during these times.

Recent Articles

Managing Your Magic Money

For most, Magic isn't just a game but a way of life. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but many people that play magic semi-seriously will spend a lot time and money on the game. I won't lie to you, but Magic can be quite the expensive hobby.

Beginner's Guide: Prepping for Pre-release

Every few months or so, Wizards of the Coast will kindly release yet another new set of Magic cards for us to all spend our money on. A really cool thing they do a week before a set is released is a "pre-release" event.

When Will They End!?

I previously wrote an article about television shows that had been cancelled *too soon*. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are a few shows that have gone on *too long*. That's what this article is about. These are shows that should have ended a long time ago but the viewers just keep bringing them back every year! It's time for these shows (many of which I hate to love) to check out.

A Leaf on the Wind...

Can you guess what this article is going to be about?
Nope, you're wrong. It is not about the awful death of [SPOILER ALERT!] Hoban Washburne and other painful character deaths... although that would make a great read... But it's about TV shows that were cancelled before their time.

Superheroes are Super Boring

I don’t know about you, reader, but many of my favourite comic book characters are not in fact “superheroes”.