99 Ways to Lose your Friends - Who needs Islands?

Jealous of blue mages with their infinite combos? Want to find out what other people can do to take forever? Or maybe you're just shopping for a new game-ender for your local playgroup - whatever your reason, Ben shows you a few tricks and interactions that can let you spiral out of control to your heart's desire.
Ben Anuworakarn, 08 Aug 20:36 | Posted in Magic : The Gathering |Magic, Commander, EDH, Combos, Deckbuilding

Managing Your Magic Money

For most, Magic isn't just a game but a way of life. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but many people that play magic semi-seriously will spend a lot time and money on the game. I won't lie to you, but Magic can be quite the expensive hobby.

Beginner's Guide: Prepping for Pre-release

Every few months or so, Wizards of the Coast will kindly release yet another new set of Magic cards for us to all spend our money on. A really cool thing they do a week before a set is released is a "pre-release" event.

Green With Envy

In which Sam Rose analyses the Modern metagame and gives us a couple of Tier One deck techs of his own, including his take on the GP Charlotte winning Elves deck and a twist on the classic modern Burn deck.

Magic Theory: What and Why?

Since starting this game back in early 2013 I have read a ton of tournament reports, coverage, deck techs, primers but my favourite thing to always read is game theory. Discussing things like game play theory or statistical odds is something I don’t get to talk enough about with people and recently I have come to the realisation that not enough magic players in the UK read Magic theory articles and here is why you should:

Tiny Leaders!!!!!!

Welcome to the start of my new series here at LegionCity.co.uk. Each week I’ll be writing about the biggest news in the Magic community: be it finance tips, the biggest Standard decks or Magic fashion trends everything’ll be covered here.