Ever since I’ve had a connection to the internet, the 2 things that take up a lot of my time are Youtube videos and playing games online. Recently, I’ve put my many years of playing first person shooters to use by playing a lot of online games competitively, especially Destiny.

One of the most intriguing and tense game types to play which came out recently with the House of Wolves expansion was Trials of Osiris. You and 2 other players play cooperatively against another 3 player team in an elimination match. You can revive your team but the revive timer increases the more you die. Each match has 5 rounds. The best of those 5 rounds takes the match and earns a win. You can win a total of 9 matches but you can only lose 3. What brings players back time and time again is the tense gameplay as it takes more than just running and gunning like in the Crucible and the rewards. If you go flawless (9-0) you get to travel to the Lighthouse, a Vex outpost on Mercury with the backdrop of the glorious incandescent sun. Here is a chest which contains etheric light, a chance of an exotic and an adept Trials of Osiris weapon. Adept here means one of the Trials of Osiris weapons but with added arc, solar or void damage.

With the new nerf coming for most of the popular weapons in PvP with the release of The Taken King, most notably the handguns, this list of must have weapons for Trials may change but for now are very powerful and can get you through most matches.

Thorn – what makes Thorn so much more powerful in Trials is the damage over time effect. It may not have the bonus damage Hawkmoon has or the rapid fire of The Last Word but what this weapon has you will not find with another weapon; it stops health regen. It’s only brief but this helps out so much in this particular game type. In bigger matches like Control or Clash, Thorn is still good but with the amount of gunfire going on and assists the damage over time effect is pretty pointless. Here, however, you can bring down a player pretty quickly by firing a few shots at someone, then throwing a grenade or let your team mates go in for the kill. If you're up against a warlock this effect is especially useful as most warlocks have a very quick health regeneration. So slowing this down gives you more time to kill your enemies.

Hawkmoon – if you can land headshot after headshot, even at range, Hawkmoon is your weapon. It relies more on chance for those bonus damage rounds, but if you're getting headshots 9/10, you're guaranteed kills and wins. Enough said really. Unfortunately, this is only for Playstation players but it is a timed exclusive and will be available for Xbox players soon. However, be aware that Hawkmoon will be nerfed and receive an increased magazine size from 13 to 15. This will affect the rate of how often those bonus damage rounds turn up.

The Last Word – I tend not to use this one as much personally as it glitches out sometimes when firing full auto. It sometimes stops when I am close to killing an enemy. However, people who can use it well, can hit and even kill at long range and are lethal at mid to close range.

Felwinter's Lie/Matador/Found Verdict/Party Crasher/Judgement VI/Astral Horizon – If you're not sniping, you run shotgun as your special. These shotguns all have slightly different perks. Found Verdict fires faster, Felwinter's Lie/Matador/Party Crasher have the highest range and impact and Astral Horizon is just below the others in range and impact but can be reloaded quickly but all in all, they are very good. Just pick whichever fits your playstyle. If you want to kill quickly, go for the harder hitting shotguns so you do not even give your enemy a chance.

Efrideet's Spear – there’s only one reason to use this sniper rifle; one hit kill. If you’ve got the perk which gives your last round bonus damage you can kill a player with one shot, to the head or body. Very lethal and if you have it, use it. Unfortunately, you can only earn it in Iron Banner and you have to have gotten if before House of Wolves as Bungie removed the final round perk from sniper rifles so even if you try reforging your sniper rifle you will not get it. You will need to have earned Efreets Spear pre House of Wolves.

Red Death – one of the few weapons other than hand cannons, this pulse rifle is lethal as it has high stability and quickly finishes off guardians. Its health regen is an added bonus which keeps you alive while you gain kills. A strong contender if you prefer weapons other than handguns.

The Messenger – the rival to Red Death. This weapon’s perk is unique in that it requires you to land body shots to improve precision damage. One burst to the body with a burst to the head results in death. Fatal and a solid primary for your arsenal.

Gjallarhorn/Ash Factory/Tomorrow’s Answer – all of these earn plenty of kills, but what excels these rocket launcher above the others is Gally’s wolfpack rounds for bonus damage and rockets exploding when in proximity to their targets.

Arc Bolt/Axion Bolt/Fire Bolt/Lightning Grenade/Trip mine grenade – these grenades are above the rest as Axion and Bolt grenade can be used to damage players hiding behind corners and trip mine and lightning grenades lock down areas or pin enemies down.

Teamwork Tips

Having a microphone - I went flawless first time with a team and none of us had a mic. It is not essential to have one if you're playing with people who know the maps but good communication is always a bonus and increases your chances of going flawless. If you call out where enemies are, even if you're dead as watching your body cam is always useful as you can tell your team if they are watching your body for revival. Knowledge is power and good communication is knowledge to plan attacks or whether or not to flank or rush.

Revive. Revive. Revive. - If there is one thing that really annoys me with online multiplayer games is lone wolves. As much fun as it is going it on your own and saving the day, if you are not reviving your team mates or sticking together you are as good as dead. 2v3 is tough and 1v3 just downright sucks. If someone goes down, keep an eye on their countdown and go revive ASAP. More players means more firepower. Also, players can flank your enemy and catch them off guard.

Know your maps - If you know where to run when you're low on health, corners to go round for escape or cover or using the environment like the brightness of the sun on Mercury then you're good. Knowing the maps really helps for when you need to make an escape or where to rush.

Grabbing special ammo - If you win a round, always run to the nearest ammo chest so you can start the round with more special ammo. Having lots of special ammo at the start of the round is very handy if you ever need to snipe or shotgun.

End of the round - If you're against sunsingers, never ever run off or leave your controller during the countdown after 3 enemies are down. I have seen so many rounds lost due to a sunsinger reviving him/herself and the other team is either AFK or nowhere near the enemy bodies and the sunsinger goes in for reviving their whole team and winning the round.

I could go on in much more detail about competitive play, but if you take these tips on board you are much more likely to go flawless in your next run and in general these tips will definitely help you overall in online competitive gaming. Stay sharp. Eyes open and good hunting, guardians!